From God To YOU- How People Act When They Don’t Feel Worth Or Value

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When people don’t feel worth or value inside of themselves they start searching outside of themselves. Many feel better and more valuable if they see others that don’t do everything perfectly. Especially perfectionists tend to do this. They pick on everybody else around them and criticize and comment on everything everybody else is doing wrong, so that they don’t feel so bad about their own faults, flaws and weaknesses. Many people who have been victims in the past starts to act controlling and manipulative to compensate for the way they’ve been treated in the past and to feel better about themselves.

Other people becomes workaholics to achieve a feeling of worth and value, the more they accomplish the more valuable they feel, but the minute their accomplishments goes down the drain or don’t have the same value anymore, they also feel worthless and a lack of value. Their worth and value comes from their outer circumstances and from their achievements and accomplishments instead of from the inside where it should come from.

When people feel like they’ve been disrespected, picked on, stepped on and hurt too much, they compensate with telling themselves: When I do this or that I will show them, when I become rich, when I get to buy that car I’ll show them and get my revenge, they will regret ever treating me that way. When I lose that weight, when I have that apartment, when I have that job, when I buy that dress, when I buy those shoes, then I will show them, then I will feel better and then I will feel happier. Then I can feel some worth and value.

When people don’t feel good about themselves they starts to be jealous of what somebody else got, and qualities and things other people got, that they would like to have. And to feel better about themselves they look for mistakes, faults and imperfections in this other person that they are jealous of to feel better about their own weaknesses and mistakes, and what they themselves believe that they are lacking. Not understanding that they are everything they are supposed to be, and everything they need to be, and that the best they can be lies within themselves.

God made You and every single person the way they are for a reason, everybody has a different life purpose, different gifts and talents and comparing yourself with others will always have the same result- misery. Comparing yourself will always make you feel less worthy, valuable or loveable, because there will always be someone out there that got something you want, and dream of having. There will always be somebody that’s better at you in something, and jealousy won’t solve that it will only make it worse, the only solution is acceptance- acceptance of yourself. To accept everything you are and everything you’re not.

And instead of trying to be somebody you’re not get good at being yourself, because nobody can’t play your role and your part any better than You!


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