How To Fix People Problems

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Almost all of our problems are people problems, whether it’s people in the past that have hurt us and wounded us, or people in our present life that are making our life troubled and difficult. There will always be people who hurt us and lie to us, cheat on us, laugh at us, mock us, disrespects us, criticize and offends us. Because people are not perfect people makes mistakes.

You will never meet a perfect person who won’t ever make mistakes, who will never hurt you or disappoint you, and you will never be one yourself. So what do you do then? How do you solve all of your people problems? You can’t just shut out all the people in your life, neither can you find that perfect person who will never hurt or disappoint you, and avoiding all human beings is not the answer even though it sometimes seems tempting.

If that’s what God wanted us to do, then He would not make us all dependable on each other. We all need each other, and each other’s services at one point or another. We need each other, but we also need to learn how to get along.

We just have to learn to deal and live with it, we have to learn to not be offended or hurt even though people gives us a 100 chances every week and reasons to be so.

You have to understand that how people treats you say more about how they feel about themselves rather than how they feel about you. If people judge you for your mistakes it shows how they are feeling about their own mistakes and how they are judging themselves. People dislike in you what they dislike in themselves, and they are jealous of things and qualities that you got that they would like to have themselves.

People are acting out of their own wounds and treating others based on how they’ve been treated in the past. Manipulators, controllers and dominating people have often been victims in the past and are now acting this way as a protection from ending up as a victim themselves again. People that are criticizing you and focusing on just negative aspects about you have been criticized a lot themselves in the past. People who don’t want to see you happy and wants to steal your joy, are unhappy people themselves.

If people treat you bad, it’s more likely that they are having a bad and difficult time in their life and that they are unhappy and having problems inside of themselves, rather than they really having a problem with you.

The next time you are around somebody that are really getting on your nerves or being negative or criticizing you, have compassion and don’t get offended or upset. But remember that they only reflect how they are feeling on the inside.

Everybody just wants to be loved, respected, believed in, cared for and complimented and acknowledged. Keep this in mind with every person you meet and you’ll have the right mindset that makes it easier to be around other people and avoid conflicts.


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