God Is In Control

No matter what it seems like in your life right now, God Is in control. It may seem like He’s forsaken you. But in His word He says that He will not leave you nor forsake you. It’s when you feel He’s there the least He’s working the most. Everything that has happened to you has happened under the control of God.

If God let things happen to you, it is because you’re strong enough to go through it and overcome it, and it is to bring out qualities in you to build up your character for the better. It is also to give you wisdom and understanding so you can be a better help to others. When you go through difficult times you will have more compassion and understanding towards others when they make mistakes or when they are going through difficult times.

If you feel like God’s voice is silent remember that the teacher is always silent during the test.






3 thoughts on “God Is In Control

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  1. Without God’s help I’ll be nowhere. Thanks and Praise be to God always for guiding me every step i take.
    Thankyou for this beautiful message.

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