To Those Who Much Is Given Much Is Required

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Do you feel like God is asking and requiring a lot of you? Do you feel as if you’re being persecuted more than the people around you? First of all you don’t know what people around you are going through inside. People are good at putting up their happy faces and wearing masks when they’re out with other people, even though they’re fighting wars and battles personally. Second of all God is here to help and guide YOU, and it doesn’t matter what others are doing and are not doing, or what they are being persecuted for or not persecuted for. If God is asking big things from you, it is because he has equipped you with what you need, to do what He is telling you to do. There’s nothing you cannot do that God tells you to do . He wouldn’t ask you to do something you don’t have the ability or possibility to do.

If you’re blessed with a lot of gifts, you are also expected to share a lot.

If you’re blessed with wisdom and writing abilities, you are expected to share this gifts with others in a way that glorifies God and gets His message across to others who may need it. If you are blessed with speaking, preaching or musical abilities you are expected to do the same.

You are expected to use your God given gifts for Godly purposes. A thing that is aggrevating in today’s society is that there are so many talented people with great God given gifts, but they use it for all the wrong purposes. There’s a lot of people who are given a lot but they share little.

You can write a lot, sing a lot, speak a lot, but nothing meaningful or useful are coming out. People that are given writing talents, use this to write and spread gossip and to give un-moral advices. A lot of people who are singing are singing about ungodly and unmoral subjects. And a lot people who are given talking and preaching abilities are doing the same.

If you’ve listened to music lately, turned on the television or gone through a bookstore, you will see that there’s a lot of gifts out there, but that are used for the wrong purposes.

Most use their gifts to spread, immorality, hate, fear, gossip and darkness.

But thankfully there’s still a few of people around that keeps spreading light and God’s word to souls in a desperate need of it.

Are YOU going to be one of them?


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