Why Do Some People Choose Darkness Rather Than The Light?



Because it’s easier, people who chooses to do evil choose this because it is easier and because they don’t have the strenght and courage and discipline to dare be different for God.

We all have the same opprtunities in life, God gives us all a chance wether it seems like it or not. God is an equal opportunity employer. We all are given the chance to be peaceful, happy and joyful. But it requires work and sacrifice, just like to get a paycheck each month you have to work. But not all are willing to do the work and the things that God requiers us to do to get these good fruits and benefits. Some choose the quickest and the easiest way. Not everybody are strong enough to choose the light.

Because choosing what’s right often requires some sacrifice like times of loneliness, walking towards the stream and taking different choices from everybody else. Sometimes it requires some rejection and not always being accepted by the world. But if you choose to live like everybody else, you will end up having the same things everybody else has. Which is drama, depression, misery, jealaousy, hatred, and streams of bad luck. I am not saying that when you choose to do what’s right you can have everything your way at all times, but what I am saying is that it will lead to good things in the long run and in the end, if you choose to do all that God guides you to do.

Dare to be different for God, choose the light and the road that leads to life.



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