Yes We Can Change

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Some people just don’t want to change or get over the past. Because if the do they won’t have any more excuses for feeling sorry for themselves and to get other people’s pity and attention for what they’ve been going through. They would rather sit down having a pity party feeling sorry for themselves and use this as an excuse for the rest of their life for why they can’t accomplish things, and for why they can’t become better, happier people.

«No I can’t be happy or succeed becase I was abused as an child, my parents didn’t love me or guide me the right way, that’s why.»

«I didn’t grow up with a father or a mother, so now I’m going to be mad at the world and act bad because of it, and use this as an excuse to not change.»

«My friend, boyfriend or girlfriend abandoned, rejected me and hurt me, so I can’t go on with my life and be happy and succeed in getting new better ones.»

«Somebody did something awful towards me and broke my trust and confidence in them, that’s why I can’t move on and live my life happier and better.»

«I got mocked at school or at my workplace, now I have to use this as an excuse for the rest of my life for why I can’t move on and for why I’m allowed to be bitter and resentful.»

”So now I live like I want to, because I deserve it, because of that thing that happened back then. Now I don’t need to discipline myself, because I deserve to do what I feel like.”

God wants you to get up and move on. Get over the past, let go and let God.

Your past do not define you unless you let it. Other people don’t have to label you unless you let them.

You don’t have to let what other people are saying about you be the rule you live after. You can trust in what God says about you, you can find Your Own positive label to identify yourself with, instead of taking to heart the negative things other people say about you.

People will call you dumb, stupid, good for nothing, you’ve made too many mistakes, you can never do anything right, you can never change. With the stupid things you’ve done, you can forget about succeeding and getting anywhere, it’s too late for you. You’re too old you’re too young, you’re too tall, you’re too short to succeed.

And people walk around with things in their minds and repeating it over and over again as a record playing all day long. And in the end we use these things as an excuse for why we can’t move forward with our lives and succeed and be happy.

Well God wants yo to know that it is time for new songs to play over and over again in your head.

I am good enough, I am very loved and appreciated, I am worthy of love, respect and affection, I deserve to be treated right, I can make good,wise and right decisions, I am able to move on with my life and get over the past. Yes I Can Change.

I am valuable and I am good for something, God created me to be something great in life, He made me for a great purpose.

Stop letting people labeling youu, and start seeing yourself as a lovable and valuable child of God. Stop seeing yor self in such a negative way and start seeing yourself in a new better and more positive light and you will see your circumstances improve.

Change is hard and requires strenght and courage. Do you have the strenght and courage it takes? Do you dare to change?



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