Are You Beautiful In God’s Eyes?

There are different types of beauty. There is a worldly beauty, then there’s a godly beauty. The so called worldly beauty is superficial. It is the kind of beauty you have with the right skin, the right hair, the right make up and clothes, but it is the kind of beauty that will eventually fade, no matter how much you try to prevent it. You will not always look 20 years old whether you like it or not. But there is another kind of beauty that matters more to God than anything, and that is godly and divine beauty. It is the kind of beauty that comes from the inside.

Many people uses hours in front of the mirror fixing themselves, hours on fixing their hair, their make- up their clothes, their skin, and on manicures and pedicures. But use nothing on dressing themselves and fixing themselves spiritually. If you used even just half of the time you use on your physical looks and used it on your spiritual look, you may have had half of the problems that you are having now.

When God sees us, He sees the appearance of our souls, of our hearts and of our minds. He sees what is really going on inside. He can see our thoughts. How does your mind look and your heart? What is the state of your soul? Is your mind filled with wicked and sinful thoughts?

Are your heart filled with envy, jealousy bitterness, resentment and hate? Or is it filled with compassion, forgiveness and love?

Is your soul filled with God’s Spirit and light? And good seeds that have been sowed through doing good deeds and helping others? Or is it empty and dark because you only live for yourself, and think only of yourself of how you feel, what you think and what others should do to make your life and world better? Do you often find yourself thinking: “ If that person would change then I would be happy, and if that person would stop doing this and start doing that, then I would be happy?

If so it’s time to change your mind and change your thinking, because it’s not your circumstances that are wrong, neither the people around you. It is your attitude towards your situation and circumstance that is wrong. With the right attitude and perspective you can be happy, loving, positive and happy, no matter what your circumstance is like. No matter how much mud is around you, you are still able to stay pure and clean and unaffected like the Water Lily and the Lotus Flower.

Take your time to dress yourself up spiritually every morning by spending time with God. It is not hard, all you need is your mind, or if it feels better to write then you need a pen and a notebook.

If you use a notebook just write to God what you are grateful for, what you want forgiveness for, what you want to pray for others and what you want to pray for yourself.

You can either write these things down in a your notebook or say them silently in your mind, or even say it out loud, whatever works the best for you, the most important thing is that you get to spend this valuable time with God, to get your day started right.

Gratitude requires the ability to understand that your life could have been worse and that there is always somebody that got it worse than you.

Apologizing requires humility and the ability and the courage to admit that you are not perfect and that you make mistakes, and admitting that you need God and can’t do it all on your own.

Praying for others requires compassion and wanting the best for the people around you, even those who are hurt you, by praying and wishing good things for them, it is easier to forgive and move on. And forgiving is releasing yourself from the pain of what they did to you, when you forgive others you forgive for you, so that you can let go of the pain and resentment and the difficulties it caused you. Forgiving doesn’t mean that they get away with what they did, or that what they did was right. It means that you are strong enough to forgive and that you give mercy to people who don’t deserve it and that you do it anyway despite of what they have done to hurt you. And as you do and give mercy unto others God will do to you, and He will give mercy unto you and forgive you for your mistakes and disobedience unto Him.

When you dress yourself up spiritually you will be easier to get along with and even better other people will be easier to get along with for you. Because you have a better foundation handle the world and its difficulties easier. A comment or some criticism that would normally bring you down and upset you or annoy you, you will brush of and not even be bothered by. When people are negative around you and trying to put you down and drag you down, you will stay unaffected because you now have the strength and the Spirit of God working on the inside of you, and guiding you towards handling things better, in order to make your life, better, easier, happier and more peaceful and stable.

When you do these things and spend this time with God in the morning and dress yourself up spiritually and get your strength from Him, you will be beautiful in the Spirit and it will radiate into your physical appearance, and it will make you attractive to others and it also will make you attract the right people, circumstances and things into your life.

Dress yourself spiritually today and you will see the benefits.

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