Correction, Conviction And Pressure Is Sign Of God’s Love For You


How can the things happening to me right now or the things that has happened in the past be a sign of God’s love for me?

Imagine a parent he got two children, one of them he lets lie on the couch all day playing video games. The other one he pushes corrects and convicts and makes him go out being active and deal with things, to get out of his comfort zone and makes face his fears.

Who do you think is more likely to get somewhere in the future and to succeed? Who is most likely to have the strength to handle difficult situations and are going to be more suitable to be a leader of these two?

As a parent and a father to us our God also has His ways of strengthening us. Sometimes you have to be pressured and pushed to your limits to be pushed forward and higher up. Being corrected and convicted are never comfortable, but it is always necessary.

God cannot help us unless we seek Him. He wants us to turn to Him so that He can help us, and when He help us, He is a much greater help and guide for us than what any other friend, or family member or partner can ever be. Because He knows our limits, our thoughts, our weaknesses and insecurities. He also knows our strengths and the things that are needed for us to rise to a higher level and to walk the path that is right for us. When we are lonely and have no one to turn to, is when we are most likely to seek God, and when we are in the dark we are more likely to seek His light.

If you feel like you have gotten enough of God’s love for a while you can trust that He won’t take you through things you don’t have the strength to go through. And nothing lasts forever, not even bad times and difficulties.

Keep being strong and keep your faith and hope as God brings you out of the things you are going through right now and gives you the right foundation that you were lacking in the past to fulfill your life purpose.



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