Are You Focused? Are You Imperturbable?

  The definition of the word “Imperturbable” is: very hard to disturb or upset. Let your new goal be to be a person who is “imperturbable”, as person who is very hard to disturb or upset. Set your mind on your goal and let nothing distract you from it. Learn to set boundaries, learn to... Continue Reading →


You’re Almost There, Don’t Give Up

Sometimes the bad things we experience in life can teach us the greatest and most valuable lessons. The bad things we experience and the bad people we meet teaches us how to be stronger, how to learn to forgive how to have patience, how to keep a good attitude when things are difficult. Difficult times... Continue Reading →

Deliverance Scriptures

  Here are some Deliverance scriptures to ponder upon: “But Jesus rebuked the demon. “Be silent!” He said. “Come out of him!” Then the demon threw the man down before them all and came out without harming him.And all the people overcome with amazement and  asked one another, “What is this message? With authority and... Continue Reading →

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